We work along side numerous partners to offer the best solution for a given budget. Acamology has had relationships with some of these for as long as we have been in business, and we therefore have expertise and experience for most requirements presented to us. To name a few partners and areas in which their solutions are typically deployed:


We have been partnered with Adobe for many years. We are authorised to sell their industry leading range of Creative Cloud products.

We are an authorised Adobe Education Partner. Please click here; for details and current special offers.

Cisco Systems

We have been installing Cisco solutions for over 20 years. Typical situations where their solutions are used include network perimeter security, and general network connectivity including routers and switching. We also offer Cisco Small Business solutions.


As per Cisco, we have been working alongside Microsoft since we started. It’s difficult to name many organisations who do not use at least one Microsoft product. Our experience spans the core product portfolio including Windows desktop operating systems, server operating systems, Azure, and Office productivity software, and since its mainstream release, Microsoft 365. We also have a good knowledge of SQL Server, and a few other products.

Not-For-Profit organisations, please click here; for details and current special offers.


Acamology has been a Datto partner for several years. Datto are among the industry leaders when it comes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR). Datto offers numerous other solutions, most of which are protecting data in one way or another, and we almost exclusively use Datto for 365 backups.


DrayTek provide a great range of networking equipment at great value, with great support. We have been working with their equipment for a number of years, and have recently become a DrayTek partner.

Trend Micro

Our relationship with Trend Micro goes back to the start of Acamology. Trend Micro are one of the market leaders when it comes to endpoint protection (anti-virus, malware, and ransomware protection). In addition to the endpoint protection, we often deploy Trend’s solutions for managed endpoint encryption, spam filtering, and 365 security.

As an authorised Trend Micro Partner, we can provide licencing to Education and Not-For-Profit organisations, please click here; for details and current special offers.

Hewlett Packard

Nearly all laptop, desktop, and server and SAN solutions we provide, install, configure and support are HP. It all started with Compaq ProLiant servers before HP acquired Compaq. As per other partners listed here, we have been working with HP since the start. With such a long relationship, we are in a good position to offer their solutions. We will also typically use HP for edge and core switching.

Macrium Software

Our relationship with Macrium dates back over 10 years. They create an exceptional range of backup solutions which are cost effective, simple to use, reliable, and the support is excellent as well. There are not many of our clients who do not have a Macrium presence.

Macrium offer discounts to Education and Not-For-Profit organisations for new sales.  Please click here; for details and current special offers.


Without saying, Veeam’s backup software is second to none, especially when it comes to backing up virtual machines. Our relationship with Veeam goes back several years, and while their solutions are a little more expensive than others, their software is extremely reliable, and can be counted on.


We have been selling Netgear’s NAS drives for nearly 15 years, and during that time have had few failures. In addition to this, Netgear make good wireless network access points which suit a number of situations.


Ubiquiti offer great value wireless network solutions, including security cameras. Our involvement dates back five years or so, and we have a number of deployments which have proved to be rock solid since deployment. The ease of remote management and support is fantastic.